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Thread: Hamachi relayed connection

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    Hamachi relayed connection


    I've been trying to play an old video game with an emulator online. But connecting with Hamachi just won't work, and the reason seems to be a relayed connection. I haven't been able to turn it into direct like it should be. All the istructions i've found from the internet are for windows hamachi and using haguichi as a gui is a bit different. I've tried to find a way to do that using hamachi through terminal, but it still remains relayed.

    Help me please and be gentle, i'm just a garbage truck driver

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    Re: Hamachi relayed connection

    I had the same problem. I edited the override configuration file:

    sudo nano /var/lib/logmein-hamachi/h2-engine-override.cfg
    and added the line:

    Sock.UdpPort         44444
    This will limit Hamachi to using this one incoming UDP - 44444 port. You can choose whichever port you want. I then opened my firewall configuration and added in rules to allow IN the following ports:

    TCP - 12975
    TCP - 32976
    UDP - 44444

    This allowed me to get a direct connection.


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