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Thread: wifi disabled in kernel 4.15

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    Re: wifi disabled in kernel 4.15

    Quote Originally Posted by mc4man View Post
    ot. - one thing i've noticed on 18.04 is it compiles significantly faster than previous ubuntu, typically 5-6x faster.
    For ex. on same laptop ffmpeg takes 10 -12 min. before while on 18.04 a bit more than 2 min.
    I don't know, this is an old machine I use for testing, the only things I have compiled on it are these kernels and it took hours, guess that is normal for kernels. Desktop is snappy and smooth, boot up is very fast and so far nothing else other than kernel 4.15 seems to have broken, but this is ventricle's unity remix iso. If I have the time may set up GS on another partition ..
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