Hi all.

I'm looking to find some information on compatibility for the newest-edition Acer Aspire E15 laptop. I found one hit in the Laptop Compatibility thread, but it was from 2015.

I'm looking at the newest model, E5-576G-5762. You can check out the exact machine at the Amazon (US) store here: http://a.co/9zOqHzj

I've already read and understand the issues with UEFI booting and boot "trust" issues on Acer machines. I'm more interested in driver support for WiFi, the trackpad, etc.

I haven't planned on dual-booting. I'm really hoping to wipe the SSD clean of Windows and install Neon from scratch. I've seen some of the UEFI comments suggest leaving a small Win10 partition so the machine plays nice when booting. But it's only a 256GB SSD and I'd like to have access to as much of that as possible. It grinds my gears a little to think about having to reserve space for Windows just so the UEFI/BIOS remains happy.

But like I said - that stuff is well documented and I'll find a way to make it work. I'm really interested in the other hardware support.

Thanks in advance for the help.