I'm virtualizing Mirantis Cloud Platform (OpenStack) on a single test node running Ubuntu 18.04 as the hypervisor. I need to create three separate virtual (loopback) networks (Deployment, Management, and Tenant) for the virtual machines. I will have one VM with four network interfaces (Internet, Deployment, Management, and Tenant) that will be running ClearOS for edge routing (and OpenVPN) between the real and virtual networks. How do you configure all of this with netplan? Below is the configuration:

Physical devices: Dell quad port rNDC (two 10GbE and two 1GbE port)
10GbE: br0 --> bond0 --> ens1 / ens2 (presently unconnected)
1GbE: br1 --> bond1 -- ens3 / ens4 (plugged into the Internet)

br0: unconnected
Internet (br1): VLAN 1, (Internet)
Deployment Network (br2): VLAN 1, (MaaS PXE Bootp / DHCP server will be running on this network)
Management Network (br3): VLAN 10, (Openstack control plane network)
Tenant Network (br4): VLAN 20, (Public network)

ClearOS router / gateway: (br2/VLAN1), (br3/VLAN10), (br4/VLAN20).