Christian Robottom Reis (aka “kiko”) who heads up the Launchpad team has released the Launchpad Report for August 1st through to August 16th. Launchpad is a collection of online services for products in the open source and Free software universe.
Highlights for this Launchpad Report:
  • Staging Server up and running
  • Bug tracking on Malone (As in Bugsy Malone)
  • Source code imports to native Bazaar format deployed
  • Contextual Karma (How to total up your street cred)
  • Edgy Translations (Are you speaking your language?)
It may sound like a bunch of gibberish to me or you, but I must say this is really interesting stuff. Launchpad has already become the backbone of the Ubuntu distribution, providing access to various layers of support. The Launchpad Report for 2006-08-17 has the full juicy report.
The memorable address is your starting point and you can also join the Launchpad-Users mailing list and following up on previous happenings in the archives.
Happy Launchpadding! Have you got your account yet?