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Thread: Skype for Linux...just freezes?

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    Re: Skype for Linux...just freezes?

    Not scratching my head anymore: it's working. But I had to completely shut down the computer. Not sure what that did, perhaps there are processes that don't have "skype" in them that never got closed properly? But when I did shutdown (after renaming the .config as you suggested), and restarted it finally worked again. #hatewhenlinuxactslikewindows #butifitworksI'mhappy

    So...I'm all set. And I don't know what the posts about it NOT working above are. It works fine now. Fingers crossed, this issue won't reappear. If it does, is there a way to get a full list of the running processes Skype spawns so that I can shut them all down and not have to reboot?

    Thanks again for all the help!

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    Re: Skype for Linux...just freezes?

    Great news! I the hope that this continues to work for you, please mark as SOLVED from the Thread Tools menu up-top if this is now solved to your satisfaction. It is a great help to users searching the forum.

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