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Thread: AWS-CLI fails with certificate error

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    AWS-CLI fails with certificate error

    Amazon CLI fails with SSL certificate error:

    aws s3 ls

    [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:777)

    I tried using different version of aws-cli and the certifi package for both python 2 and 3, however non of them work and all so far have produced the same error shown above.

    awscli/artful,artful,now 1.11.139-1 all [installed]
    python3-certifi/artful,artful,now 2017.4.17-2 all [installed,automatic]

    I also trying installing via pip and pip3

    pip3 list
    awscli (1.11.139)
    certifi (2017.4.17)

    Any pointers on how to get this working

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    Re: AWS-CLI fails with certificate error

    Please see "aws configure" section at
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