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Thread: Clean install ubuntu16 Oryx Pro cannot boot

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    Clean install ubuntu16 Oryx Pro cannot boot

    I bought a new Oryx Pro 17 inch a few weeks ago and I did a clean install (wipe out whole disk) with a bootable USB that installs ubuntu16 created from Ubuntu's startup disk creator. I follow the official instruction here I didn't run into any Nvidia driver issue.

    The installation is complete, I saw the message that asks me to remove installation media and press enter, I did and my machine does not boot. The screen shows nothing except the pinkish background colour (no text no nothing). The troubling thing is when I boot with my USB installation media and press F1/F7, it also doesn't boot. Desperate help needed please!!!!! I spend more than 2000USD on this thing and it doesn't boot now.

    Extra info if needed: I use it for deep learning purposes. I installed Nvidia CUDA8.0 before. Just in case it may interfere with my boot up somehow.
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    Re: Clean install ubuntu16 Oryx Pro cannot boot

    I reboot the system and tap ESC to get into the GRUB bootup menu. I then chose 'Advanced options for Ubuntu' and chose (recovery mode) on the newest listed kernel. I then chose 'network', 'dpkg', 'grub', 'root', which led me to terminal.

    I then follow this link to repair grub boot loader.

    sudo parted -ls

    sudo mkdir -p /mnt/boot/efi
    sudo mount /dev/sda2 /mnt
    sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/boot/efi
    for i in /dev /dev/pts /proc /sys; do sudo mount -B $i /mnt$i; done

    sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/etc/
    This sudo cp /etc/resolv.conf /mnt/etc is where my command failed. Because /etc/resolv.conf is a broken soft link to
    ../run/resolvconf/resolv.conf. I checked /run/resolvconf, resolv.conf doesn't exist. The thing is in /mnt/etc/, resolv.conf already exists, it is a soft link to ../runresolvconf/resolv.conf, with the absolute path /mnt/run/resolvconf/resolv.conf, which is empty.

    Because of the failure, the apt install cannot fetch packages.
    sudo chroot /mntapt install --reinstall grub-efi-amd64 linux-generic linux-headers-generic

    I still cannot boot.
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    Re: Clean install ubuntu16 Oryx Pro cannot boot

    Since you bought it yourself can you get support from system76?


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