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Thread: Ubuntu 16.04

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    Ubuntu 16.04

    I want to use this distribution because it does not expire until 2021 I understand.
    If I delete Firefox then no address bar appears when I add Chrome.
    If I do not delete Firefox then Chrome shows up.

    I am trying to use Chrome and gmail on this distribution and want to get rid of
    Firefox and Thunderbird.
    I am not having any luck with this.
    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Ubuntu 16.04

    Exactly how are you attempting to install Chrome and 'get rid of' FF and TB?
    Are you following instructions from someplace?

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    Re: Ubuntu 16.04

    The poster has been given advice about removing Firefox and Thunderbird in [SOLVED] Firefox and Thunderbird from December 2016.

    Edit: Please see uRock's post in Remove Firefox, install Chrome? How?

    It includes a link to a video on installing Google Chrome but note the advice about first installing Google Chrome and then removing Firefox.
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