I manage a software distribution system for people who work in remote places in language development for minority language communities. It is called LangTran. It depends on a repository on a server that runs Lubuntu 16.04. People sync updates from our server with a script based on rsync or with BitTorrent Sync. We distribute Windows programs, Mac programs and Linux programs that are not in a standard Linux repository. To keep our repository up-to-date we use a free Windows program called Ketarin that runs over WINE.
I would like to replace Ketarin with a native Linux app that can go to different web sites every day and check for updates to the software there and download them, as Ketarin does. I would like to be able to make "recipes" for getting these updates using regular expressions as I can with Ketarin.
I don't think I can use the normal Ubuntu software update program for this, because it looks on standard Linux repositories, and I want my software to look on web pages for the updates.
Any suggestions?