First computer I used was a BBC Micro in School (early-mid 80's)
Then we got an Anstrad CPC6128+ in 1986. My brother's eldest now has this, it still works, including the tape deck we got with it, although the diskette drive needs a new belt
School upgraded to Acorn Achimedies in the late 80's/1990 ish
At home we then got Elonex 286 PC running Windows 3.1 in the early 90's
In High School we initially had Amstrat PCW16's, then upgraded to RM PC's running windows in 92 or 93
At some point in the early 90's Dad started bringing home a Compaq Portable III from work from time to time. The first one ran IIRC either DOS or CP/M, later windows.
in 1996 we got a Mitsubishi Apricot running Windows 95 at home - this was was the first PC we had with dedicated graphics and sound card!
In SixthForm College I first used Macintosh Performa 6400, then Bondi-Blue iMac's in '98, along side AVID workstations based around a PowerMacintosh 9500
in 2000 I got my first tower that was my own, a Pentium 250mhz with 128mb RAM, 40Gb HDD, an early ATI radeon card and a sound blaster audio card - I had this dual booting Windows 98 and BeOS 4.5, this was also the first machine I tried linux on, if I remember correctly CheepLinux, Manjaro and maybe YellowTab, I know I definitely tried out ZETA on this machine at some point.
In 2004 I went to Uni (late going) I initially had a Macintosh Performa 6400 followed rapidly by an iMac G3/500 DV SE so I could edit at home.
About a year later I upgraded to a PowerMac G4 digital audio as it was more upgradeable.
In Early 2008 i acquired an SGI Onyx R10k running IRIX 6.4 and some Sun UltrSparc workstations for the Internet Cafe I was running with some friends (the SGI was purely for fun) These lasted about 2 years.
Got an XP tower in late 2008, and a HP laptop which came with XP Pro that I used for VJing, that later had OpenSuse on it
Got an Advent netbook in 2010 whci came with XP but only ever ran Ubuntu on that - still use it from time to time.
In 2011 I got an LG Optimus Pad v900 Tablet
Laptop was upgraded to a Zoostorm/Clevo machine with Windows 7 in 2012, XP Tower got switched to Ubuntu ZorinOS
In 2014 the tower got switched out for a PackardBell iMedia with Windows7. Had this dualbooting with Ubuntu for a while.
2015 - Got a Nexus 5 so I could install Ubuntu Touch which I used until late 2017
2016 i Got a Kindle Fire, briefly played with Ubuntu Touch on this before returning it back to its factory state due to the lack of anything I actually wanted to use it for as a tablet (Netflix, games for the kids)
Shortly after upgrading the PackardHell to Windows 10 in 2017 the mobo melted so I swapped the HDD into a HP hw40 workstation that cost me £10 for a while
In 2017 Windoze 7 started to get really temperamental on teh Zoostorm so I messed around with a few Linux Distros, eventually settling on KDE Neon (still running this)
in 2018 the tower got upgraded again - Core i5 3rd Gen 2.5Ghz 8gb Ram, 1Gb Nvidia GTX series GPU (I forget the exact model).