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Thread: Post your computer experience timeline - what machines you used.

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    Re: Post your computer experience timeline - what machines you used.

    2003 Celeron 1.7 Ghz
    2005 Cleleron 2.13Ghz
    2010 AMD Athlon 64X2 5600+
    2018 Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU & Raspberry Pi 2
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    UBUNTU 18.04
    Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6100 CPU
    Ram 4GB
    Intel Graphics

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    Re: Post your computer experience timeline - what machines you used.

    In class we would write a program in basic, punch it out on 8 bit wide paper tape, then once a week take the tape to the local college where we had some time reserved for a mainframe located on the other side of town.
    Teacher would ring a number place the phone inside a black box and then we would feed our program using a tape reader to the mainframe the result would magically be typed out on the teleprinter.

    After school I downgraded working on Jacquard looms.

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    Cool Re: Post your computer experience timeline - what machines you used.

    1992(?) Compaq (Windows 3.1, DOS, & Unix, latter was SunOs or Solaris)
    CPU upgrade made my pixellated first person shooter make real human voices instead of bleeps and blips, winning.
    Also: the modem sounded like a digital 1's and 0's going through a digital blender. Times have changed, uh.

    1996 Gateway tower computer (Windows 95 & DOS > 98 && DOS)
    Ethernet cable consisted of a USB adapter, oops.
    HDD 8GB or something
    HAHA && IS A COMMAND LINE JOKE hahaha ha ha

    1999 Dell XPS tower (Windows XP > Xubuntu > Lubuntu > Xubuntu)
    Still running, suckah. With a few changes.
    2.8 GHz CPU, 2nd cheapo PNY video card (original fried), 3 GB RAM, 80 GB x 2 hard drives

    2006 Dell Inspiron 15" laptop (Windows XP > Windows 7 > Ubuntu 6.04 > Fedora something something > Ubuntu, probably > FreeBSD > Lubuntu > Xubuntu)
    Friend tossed Ubuntu 6.04 at me, and it hit my head. Ow.
    2GB Ram, 2.4 GHz dual core CPU, 2nd bottom-range Nvidia graphics card (original fried), 120 GB HDD replaced with 1 TB

    2016 Acer Aspire V3 17" laptop (Windows 8 > 8.1 > 10 > Ubuntu > Lubuntu x.xx> Xubuntu 18.04)
    Core i7, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, mid-range Nvidia 750M

    2018 Dell Business Desktop (Work computer, Windows 10)
    120 GB SDD, Core isomething

    Now that my Android phone is in my brain, I can watch my favorite movies on YouTube from the comfort and privacy of my eyelids.

    Edit: DOS and jokes
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    Re: Post your computer experience timeline - what machines you used.

    Fun topic!

    I started with an Apple IIgs back in elementary school.

    The first machine I ever owned was an IBM PS/2.

    Moved on to a IBM Thinkpad in high school. Replaced that with a Lenovo Thinkpad later. Part of the reason that I used IBM products as a kid was my aunt worked for them and we always got really great deals on refurbished models.

    Then I went to a Dell Insipiron 15 for a few years before replacing it with an HP Pavilion. I hated the Pavilion and quickly sold it and bought my first Macbook Pro in 2011. The Macbook Pro was later replaced by the Air a few years later when I decided I valued portability and extended battery life over power. I was in college at this time and thought it made more sense.

    I replaced it with a Surface about a year ago. Had tons of issues with the Surface and really never connected with the device. It had some nice features, but for the most part it didn't suit me as a user. I also wasn't crazy about running Windows. Almost all of my previous machines ran either Unix or Linux, so I grew up practically with zero experience with Windows.

    I'm currently using a Dell Latitude E6400. It's an older laptop that's running Lubuntu 18.04. I sold the Surface because I needed money and the Dell is sort of a stand in for the next machine. I'm planning on getting another Thinkpad soon.

    So, complete history + OS running is as follows:

    Apple IIgs - Apple OS
    IBM PS/2 - Can't remember but ended up installing Novell's SuSe on it later
    IBM Thinkpad T42 - Debian
    Lenovo Thinkpad (Can't remember the model) - Debian
    Dell Inspirion 15 - Debian and later Ubuntu 11.04
    HP Pavilion - Ubuntu 12.04
    Macbook Pro - OS X
    Macbook Air - OS X
    Microsoft Surface Book - Windows 10
    Dell Latitude E6400 - Lubuntu 18.04

    I also briefly had a Apple ibook G3 for fun. It was a nice little machine. I'd love to get another one.

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