Hello, I got strange problem with keyboard layouts after the last update. Before the update I could see what layout currently in use, using the keyboard indicator on gnome panel, and every window had the layout I set for it, like if I was chat with someone in Russian, the pidgin window had Russian layout when I opened it (maximized) and other windows like firefox had English layout.
After the update, keyboard indicator don't show the layout in use anymore but always shows "USA" no matter what language I'm using now (Layouts do change when I press Alt+Shift, I just can't see what layout is in use now) + all layouts are global, than means if in Firefox I switched to Russian, then pidgin will have Russian too, and even urxvt sometimes.
In keyboard preferences I do have a "v" in "Separate layout for each window" but it does not work.
Its pretty annoying and very hard to work in this way.
Can somebody help me? Even if its possible to tell me what version was prior to the update so I could downgrade.
Thanks a lot!

I downgraded libxi to 1.1.4 instead of 1.2.0