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Thread: Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 - ZSNES crashing

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    Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 - ZSNES crashing

    Hello, I just did a fresh install of Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 on my netbook. When I went to setup ZSNES and change the video resolution to Custom and 1366x768 (computer resolution), after hitting spacebar to save the resolution, ZSNES crashes. ZSNES has always worked fine in other derivatives like Linux Mint, elementaryOS and Peppermint 8 (all based on Ubuntu 16.04) and I've never seen this issue before. This very well could be user error, or maybe a setting that is out of whack. Anyone have any ideas that I could try? Thanks.

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    Re: Ubuntu Budgie 17.10 - ZSNES crashing

    I am having the same problem. the solution that I have found for now is to download the windows version of zsnes and run it under wine. it seems to be working perfectly for now


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