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Thread: Astronomers to vote on potential new planets

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    Re: Astronomers to vote on potential new planets

    Quote Originally Posted by panickedthumb View Post
    its amazing how many people here aren't getting some people's jokes

    Anyway, I think it should be a planet because, well, it's been a planet for so long. Pluto's planethood was ingrained into my brain when I was in Kindergarten. This is life shattering.
    i like life shattering changes like theese! it keeps you on your toes!
    science is not engraved in stone, it evolves!

    1) i see roundness as a good criteria, though not by itself alone.
    2) completely clearing it's orbit of rubble, i don't know... there are some planets (of the 8 remaining) in our system that don't apply to that. also, new, young solar systems will probably not apply either. are those planetary bodys to be called proto-plantes?
    3) also, i think the "dominant body" restriction is not defined clearly enough. i can imagine solar systems where several huge planets have excentric orbits that at some point intersect with others... what name to use then? bloody fat comets?

    why is this definition important? well... who knows? Computer games aren't important to me, does that mean that they should be prohibited?? probably yes
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    Re: Astronomers to vote on potential new planets

    Quote Originally Posted by Biltong (Dee) View Post
    My Very Earthly Mother Just Sat Upon Neptunes Pluto.

    Pluto HAS to be called a planet. What else is myveryearthlyma gonna sit upon?
    Nothing, of course!

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