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Thread: Lubuntu +wifi + router

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    Lubuntu +wifi + router

    I recently installed Lubuntu 16.04.3 on a 32 bit desktop PC, now i want to connect this pc to my wifi internet modem, for this i have a linksys WRT54GL router, i want to connect this router to the pc using the ethernet cable, currently i have this connection and i can get access to the setup of this router through the address:, now i want to know how to configure this to connect the pc to my existing wifi internet signal/modem, can you help me??
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    Re: Lubuntu +wifi + router

    You need to configure your WRT54G as a client bridge. This will require an alternative firmware such as DD-WRT

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    Re: Lubuntu +wifi + router

    You should be able to connect a cable from your modem/router to the wrt54gl. I have basically the same setup, but I use an 8 port switch and a Linksys router. Be sure to disable dhcp on the wrt54gl. Check out this thread, on how to do it:

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