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Thread: Wifi problem with terminal operation

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    Wifi problem with terminal operation

    I'm a ubuntu noob running 17.10. Believe I am having a unique problem. I suspect when I use terminal it somehow "kills" my machine's wifi.

    3 simple examples:
    scenerio0: boot laptop click on firefox...healthy signal...all is well

    scenerio1: boot laptop terminal - $ firefox ...healthy signal...stays connected ~10 min...goes bust and then maybe/maybe not I can reconnect...I wind up rebooting the system

    scenerio2: same as scenerio1 but throw in a 2nd terminal. For example: terminal - $ python3 >>> #all good etc. but my wifi breaks connection as in scenerio 1 and wind up having to reboot?
    FYI in both scenerio1&2 wifi networks in settings show signal strength...but on the ribbon I get either ? - wifi image or the ... wifi image

    Q: Is this possible? My terminal use is killing my wifi bandwidth?
    Any easy fix? Go a little easy on me I'm new at ubuntu (kinda sucks I can't get chat/call support tho...)

    PS specs: 802.11ac wireless standard, Lenovo ideapad110 (lots of space even if its aesthetics stink), 17.10 with largerly no apps running. Only python3, idle, and gimp


    Soon after this post I had the same break happen (no terminal running...just 4-5 tabs on firefox) Firefox was the only desktop app running. Need to mention I also get a clicking/locking sound from inside my machine whenever I run into this problem. I don't think my wifi break is related to my terminal use. But I am not confident enough to negate the thesis. Any thoughts?
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