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Thread: Installing Xen on Ubuntu 16.04 without LVM

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    Installing Xen on Ubuntu 16.04 without LVM

    Hey guys, this is gonna be my first thread on ubuntu forum,
    I'm pretty new to all of it, ubuntu, linux, command-lines, almost anything going on here!
    at I was going to learn about Xen, since I've been asked to install a VM on my Ubuntu 16.04 system, in order to do something about hadoop which again I have no idea what it is going to be! anyway, the first paragraph looks like it asks users to define an LVM when they're trying to install ubuntu fresh. I wanted to know that is it really serious to do that in order to have Xen installed on your machine? can I skip that part and go right into installing Xen?

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    Re: Installing Xen on Ubuntu 16.04 without LVM

    Thread moved to Virtualisation.
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