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Thread: Domain Controller

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    Domain Controller

    I have a CentOS 6.6 which is a domain controller and computers with Ubuntu 15.04 can join to domian but higher versions (example 16.04) can not join.
    My questions are:
    1) What is the highest supported version of Ubuntu for CentOS 6.6
    2) What is the last stable version of CentOS which will be stable and recommend for Ubuntu 15.04 or higher.
    3)If i upgrade my CentOS to version 6.9 (or higher) it will be work ? I mean after upgrade CentOS to version 6.9 or higher, computers with Ubuntu (ex. 16.04.3 LTS) would be join to domain controller (CentOS) ?


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    Re: Domain Controller

    Thread moved to Fedora/RedHat and derivatives. which is more appropriate and a better fit as this has nothing to do with the Ubuntu development version where you placed it.


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