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Thread: 17.10 NFS GUI write issue (terminal rw fine)

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    17.10 NFS GUI write issue (terminal rw fine)

    Dear all:

    I*just upgraded my ubuntu to 17.10. The process of upgrade was very smooth.

    Then, I ran into a very strange permission problem.

    I*use a synology NAS and mount nfs to that NAS regularly.

    However, after I*upgraded to 17.10, all the GUI applications only can access the mounted directory read only.

    Let me repeat this:

    all GUI applications, such as nemo / nautilus or any application that requires file access, is read-only, while my terminal can read/write without problem: rm, mv, etc.

    I suspect Ubuntu 17.10 did something differently than 17.04. but at this point i have no idea where to look for solution.

    any hint will be much appreciate.

    Because i am using a laptop, I don't put mount point at /etc/fstab. I mount it by issue a command
    sudo mount -t nfs /media/user/nas/download

    this worked without issue in the past.

    no, the UID on NAS and UBUNTU are different. Ubuntu by default start UID with 1000, while synology doesn't allow me to change UID below 1024.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: 17.10 NFS GUI write issue (terminal rw fine)

    Just saw your post; unfortunately I didn't find it when I posted the same issue yesterday. See

    I didn't really understand your point about uid. In my case, I changed my Ubuntu uid to match my network uid so no issue there.

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    Re: 17.10 NFS GUI write issue (terminal rw fine)

    I reported the same issue here...

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