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Thread: 17.10 is already here...

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    Re: 17.10 is already here...

    Quote Originally Posted by ventrical View Post
    Whoops.! off topic ventrical is.

    I sound like yoda now

    Don't worry,
    I installed the default Ubuntu in the Asus laptop just to check what all this noise about.
    Everything works well, only...

    Well, can't stand this Dash2dock, or its Ubuntuish fork at all. I don't care, if the colours change or transparency or whatever, this dock as a place to hold icons is pretty useless. Getting rid of Unity 7 and mimicking it with half or less usable dock/panel/launcher is, well...

    If I am to use this default Ubuntu, I have to get rid of Ubuntu dock. Just because the devs thought of an Unity Launcher lookalike replacement, I am not going to use it.
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