Dear forum,

I'm bothering you with this because I haven't found a clue elsewhere. I've had a problem with my video card (nvidia 6870): the PC hang up and the screen went crazy. After reset the problem repeated itself some time after.

I decided to take the GPU out and rely on the IGP. However, now Xubuntu won't boot up normally. I have tried X/Xorg reconfigure commands without positive results. I also allowed propietary drivers for my IGP (Radeon), no luck

Then I decided to fresh install Xubuntu, but even the Live CD won't boot. I have also tried Linux Mint with the same result.

What strange is, is that I can boot up my Windows partition without problem, or even Xubuntu in recovery mode (which works perfect!). The only solution that I see so far is to use recovery mode by default . . . that sucks!

Any help that you can give me will be deeply appreciated!

Kind regards,