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Thread: Automatic Login not working on 17.10

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    Re: Automatic Login not working on 17.10

    Not working for me either. NVidia proprietary drivers needed for CUDA. I modified /etc/gdm3/custom.conf as suggested. Still booting to login screen.
    UPD: I had XFCE4 environment installed as well as a login choice. I have removed it since and auto login still not working. Still prompting to login.

    What makes matters worse is that Vine does not allow any VNC connections until I login on the physical machine. This renders my Ubuntu machine unusable in headless mode.
    Very disappointed with this version of Ubuntu.
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    Re: Automatic Login not working on 17.10

    Quote Originally Posted by jbicha View Post
    olsooty, that screenshot shows that Automatic Login is turned off. ...
    It is turning itself off after every reboot.

    I clicked Unlock, entered my pw and set the Automatic Login switch to ON. Closed the dialog, Re-started the Users dialog and confirmed that the setting was still there. But after reboot, I had to enter my password, and the switch had turned itself off.

    This worked fine in 16.04.

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    Apparently this is a known bug if you are using Nvidia proprietary drivers and thus, non-Wayland session.

    Tracking here:

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