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Thread: New mobile hardware project for Linux: Librem 5 by Purism

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    New mobile hardware project for Linux: Librem 5 by Purism

    Hi everyone,

    Some of you probably still painfully remember the failure of the Ubuntu Edge campaign, and the more recent abandonment of the Ubuntu Phone operating system by Canonical.

    For those who don't know, I would like to inform you that a new crowdfunded smartphone project has been launched less than a month ago. It's the Librem 5, by Purism (

    The specs aren't that great for a phone which is expected to be delivered in January 2019, but to me, there are three things planned which make a big difference compared to what we've seen before:
    - Full Linux distribution, so that we could have the same software, regardless of the device we use.
    - KDE and GNOME support. As some of you must have noticed, a lot of work have been put to make GNOME usable on touchscreens, and the KDE community has been working as well on a mobile operating system called Plasma Mobile, thus wanting to bring two of the most famous desktop environments to mobile users makes sense.
    - Convergence through USB-C, so that we could attach the phone to a USB-C hub and connect all kinds of peripherals, as with a PC.

    So if you want to invest, even a little, in a project which could lead to a true Linux compatible phone, where all communications would be centralized and appear to you as simply as through a gnome shell extension for example, don't hesitate to check the website.

    Android apps compatibility won't be supported by the team but some developers are working on it (
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    Re: New mobile hardware project for Linux: Librem 5 by Purism

    Galaxy NOTE phones are one such investment from Samsung that focuses the same segment with the same objective with their Samsung Dex docking station.
    Well, this is not completely true because it does not focus on user controllable stuffs.

    $600 for a phone that is focusing more on kind of portability and kind of a replacement of a Desktop, sounds cool but I think it has to be that powerful.
    A phone that is truly yours. in today's world that matters more I believe.

    Well, at the same time it is neither Android nor iOS leaving more apps behind.
    I find all banking apps and other apps available for my Android phone on my finger tip won't be there any more on Purism.

    With this I have to use the browser all the time. That's one big disappointment I see before an immediate transition to Purism.
    I would like to see the Android compatibility and security challenges, privacy etc. associated with it.

    I mean, this is just my own opinion.

    Keep going. All the best.
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    Re: New mobile hardware project for Linux: Librem 5 by Purism

    I preordered my L5 , awaiting shipping this quarter 2019 sometime. If this succeeds its truly going to be ground breaking .
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