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Thread: Hard Disk Extremely Slow!

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    Hard Disk Extremely Slow!

    I have an old laptop running Ubuntu and it always runs the wole thing extremely slowly. Well, actually that's an exagerations. Some days it runs fine and some days I want to put a blowtorch to it. I always used to think that this was due to it's like of RAM or old processor, until, when I booted off a USB stick to do some disk maintenance, the whole thing ran like a dream. Therefore, I was compelled to think it was something to do with the hard disk. I've checked the write speed, and it's only 2.1MB/s! Sometimes I also here a clicking sound, especially when the computer boots. Should I replace the hard disk, or is there something I can do with Ubuntu to make the disk run faster?

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    Re: Hard Disk Extremely Slow!


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    Re: Hard Disk Extremely Slow!

    Quote Originally Posted by mrgnome View Post
    Sometimes I also here a clicking sound
    The next sound you should hear is the sound of the cashier ringing up the purchase of a new drive.
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