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Thread: Alien is hanging when converting .rpm to .deb

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    Question Alien is hanging when converting .rpm to .deb

    I am trying to install the Substance Painter Free 30-Day Trial from Algorithmic. They only distribute it as a Redhat package manager file (RPM). I am currently using KDE Neon. I am trying to convert it to a .deb file so I can install it with gdebi. I am using Alien, which is the only RPM-to-DEB converter that I know of. I first ran:
    sudo alien -k --scripts Substance_Painter-2017.2.0-1.el6.standard.full.x86_64.rpm
    I looked in Dolphin and saw that new directories were being created, but the terminal was giving no output whatsoever. I deleted the directory Alien created and re-ran Alien:
    sudo alien -k --veryverbose --scripts Substance_Painter-2017.2.0-1.el6.standard.full.x86_64.rpm
    Now, when I run it, it creates several files and directories. It takes a long time to run rpm2cpio, and once it finishes that, it creates some more Substance painter files and gets stuck here:
    chmod 755 Substance_Painter-2017.2.0/debian/rules
        debian/rules binary 2>&1
    I ran top and found that using up 99% (varying, sometimes less or more) of my CPU was dpkg. This went on for a very long time. I have come to the conclusion that Alien is hanging. I have come here to ask if anyone has had a similiar problem, and if anyone has found a way to make this work. I have not yet found any situations that replicate this on the Internet. Is --scripts even neccessary? I only did it because Alien warned me that I should use it. Thanks so much for anyone that answers this!
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