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Thread: New 16.04 install on Win7 machine

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    New 16.04 install on Win7 machine

    Cpu Intel 2.8 ghz on gigabyte mob, 4gb ram(3.40 usable) win7 sp1. HDD 2TB partitioned. Bios AMI ver.F15 ,non uefi startup
    Using Oracle Vb 5.126 w/extensions

    Downloaded Ubuntu 16.04 to Hd partition, setup up Vb with 25gb vid hd and ubuntu ISO from the HD partition.

    Ubuntu starts (according to VM its running). Screen displays a lot of garbage - no ascii chars. I've let ubuntu run for 10 or more min. it hasn't gotten beyond the garbage on screen.

    Help with this will be appreciated.

    Thank you.
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    Re: New 16.04 install on Win7 machine

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