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Thread: Would a free and open-source economy work?

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    Re: Would a free and open-source economy work?

    Compensation won't matter in the long run, watch the video I shared.
    Capitalism isn't sustainable because everyone needs to work, but when automation takes away 99% of jobs, money cannot flow and therefore cannot exist.

    That's why a discussion on universal guaranteed income is being discussed as a replacement of capitalism.

    I know Star Trek is just a show, but it did predict a lot of things that are true now, cellphones, intenet, VOIPs, free and open-source software.

    When Picard said, "The acquisition of wealth is no longer the driving force in our lives. We work to better ourselves and the rest of Humanity", isn't that the principals of free and open-source?
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    Re: Would a free and open-source economy work?

    The premise that 99% of all jobs are automated is highly flawed.

    I ask again,
    What do people do who aren't interested in making their own beer, but just drinking it after someone else brews it? Should beer be provided without compensation? What if they want 12 yr old Scotch? Should they get that for free too?
    My life isn't about acquiring wealth - it is about having life-changing, shared, experiences with my family and friends and helping others better understand F/LOSS.

    Star Trek provided reasonable guesses about the future, usually from an end-user perspective, without any regard for the infrastructure required. Humans (not machines) saw those things and decided to create them. The internet is a natural expansion of the telephone system. Similar methods apply to other inventions. Star Trek was hardly the first fantasy fiction to mention something like cell phones or data communications. Read any Heinlein or Pohl or Robinson? K.S. Robinson's Red Mars describes what happens as humans create machines to build machines.
    How many things in the Star Trek fictions have not happened and will never happen? There isn't any way to know, but as a former rocket scientist (aerospace engineer), I have a few ideas as to which things will happen sooner than later.

    I am warped by my upbringing in a capitalistic nation. Linus was, thankfully, warped by his upbringing. I suspect the final solution will be messy, but something humans will master. We are crafty people.

    Robots aren't going to replace all the jobs:
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