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Thread: Ethernet connection not working Lubuntu 17.04 specific computer

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    Ethernet connection not working Lubuntu 17.04 specific computer

    I have a server that I use for backups. Its an old HP tower. It was working fine with Debian Jessie until I moved it somewhere else with another router and modem where it wont connect. To try to resolve the issue, I installed Lubuntu 17.04. I can connec my laptop running Debian Jessie to internet without issue. My router is a Dlink 860-L set-up for DHCP. My ethernet chip controller on my server is the 82567LM-3 from Intel.

    On the network manager, on boot up I can see the connection but I doesn't stays connected. I cant run ifconfig right now since Lubuntu doesn't ship with it and I did not install it since I can't connect to internet. When I was on debian, Eth0 showed up after running ifconfig. When I plug the server directly to my laptop, it sees the connection but wont connect. I think the issue is in the configuration of my machine or in the router. I really dont know where to go from here. I already tried to edit NetworkManager.conf and dhclient.conf. I cant remember what I tried to edit in those files but there in their original condition. I also added in /etc/network/interfaces auto eth0 but it did not work. I have really noooooo idea where to go from here. Thats why I am asking for help. I am open to all your suggestion. What bug me is that it used to work at my other place... Thanks in advance !

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    Re: Ethernet connection not working Lubuntu 17.04 specific computer

    Hi, did you load...Desktop Lubuntu 17.04....Desktop Server Lubuntu 17.04...or..Server Lubuntu 17.04 ??
    The 82567LM-3 chip looks like it uses the e1000e driver.. Try it with..
    sudo modprobe -v e1000e
    Let's see what the pci-id is to verify the driver..please do and post
    lspci -n | awk '/200/{print$3}'
    cat /etc/network/interfaces
    Not sure about Lubuntu but every ubuntu no longer uses changed
    take a look at..
    To see what the ethernet is now called.
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