If you left fast boot on in UEFI, then you may have trouble getting back into UEFI. Assumption is you always get into UEFI from Windows.
And fast boot assumes no system changes, or what UEFI has written onto drive for operating system is identical & UEFI immediately jumps to booting assuming it works. It is so fast you do not normally have time to press a key from UEFI until system starts (or fails) to boot.

Usually a full "cold" boot will then have UEFI recheck system and give you time to press keys to get back into UEFI. You need to totally power off, if laptop remove battery and hold power switch to drain any power left in system. Then boot.
If that does not work you often have to remove motherboard coin battery or jumper pins next to that battery to reset system. If you made any UEFI system setting changes you have to totally redo them.