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Thread: Where to learn python for beginners?

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    Question Where to learn python for beginners?

    Good day guys! Newbie here and I'm not really sure if this is the righ place to post this. Anaways, I want to learn python but when I tried searching the net or in youtube, the tutorials that I found were so old (most of them were created 2009-2012) and most of them is for windows. Can you guys suggest webistes or youtube channel to learn python? Thanks in advance guys!
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    Re: Where to learn python for beginners?

    Hello and Welcome

    A search on your question will yield many results.
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    Re: Where to learn python for beginners?

    Best thing you can do imo is find a project or something you want to do. First find what you want to use it for, hardware control, modelling, data visualisation etc etc.

    Even if its plot a sine wave or sort the songs in a folder and rename them. Once you find a project and go about googling / reading each problem you encounter it will become much easier.

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    Re: Where to learn python for beginners?

    online learning platforms such as Udemy, Edx have plenty of courses that are cost effective

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    Re: Where to learn python for beginners?

    Perhaps this book? Looks like it's free to read from their site.

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    Re: Where to learn python for beginners?

    The best way to learn is to start give yourself a reasonably simple but lengthy project. When i read books i tend to forget everything. That is why i now just give myself projects and get started in a new language. That way it all gets stored in long-term memory.

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