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Thread: NVidea Nouveau driver freeze

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    NVidea Nouveau driver freeze


    I am using Lubuntu 17.04 for some time now.

    I was using NVidea's proprietary driver until now but I decided to give the Nouveau driver a chance.

    After applying the Noveau driver I rebooted but the resolution was very low. Henceforth, I did "apt get install xserver-xorg-video-noveau". It installed all necessary packages.

    * Then I rebooted and, at the time that the login screen should appear, the screen stays blank, with the cursor on the top left of the screen appearing and disappearing. *

    I've tried hitting the Shift key to get the GRUB menu but it doesn't show up. I've tried pressing Shift + Alt + F1 (or 1) to try and get to the command line but no luck.

    I'm able to access the HD using a Live CD.

    What can I do to revert the NVidia driver settings to the configuration that worked?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: NVidea Nouveau driver freeze

    I was able to remove the nouveau driver and install the package nvidia-current. I've also performed nvidia-xconfig ont the terminal to create the file.

    Now the NVIDIA logo appears and after that the login window. Alas, when the login window appears everything is frozen: the keyboard, mouse, etc. I'm unable to get to a terminal by alt ctrl F1.

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