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Thread: Lubuntu suddenly stopped booting.

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    Lubuntu suddenly stopped booting.

    Hi everyone. A couple of months ago I decided to try a Linux OS with an old computer. Since the computer is around ten years old, I tried only lightweight distributions. The first I tried was xubuntu, but I got a lot of trouble with the wi-fi connection, I had to verify the password every five minutes or so, and after that sometimes the OS did not boot properly. Because of that, I uninstalled it.

    My second attempt on a linux lightweight distribution was lubuntu. It was exactly what I needed: a fast and easy to use distribution to surf the web, the possibility to install an office suite, and little more. I can say that this distribution ran perfectly for nearly a month, but overnight my computer started to have troubles to boot the OS. At first, I just had to reboot a couple of times the computer and everything worked fine. But now it is really an ordeal to get lubuntu running, it gets stuck after the grub (for I have windows xp installed in another partition of the HDD, and with windows xp I have absolutely no booting problems).

    Sometimes appears a message that reads "/dev/sda5: recovering journal" and then the usual partition and blocks information "/dev/sda5: clean xxx/xxx, xxxx/xxx blocks". After that, the screen goes black, the computer starts loading and nothing else happens.

    I have also seen this message:
    [drm:drm_atomic_helper_commit_cleanup_done [drm_kms_helper]] *ERROR* [CRTC:26:pipe A] flip_done timed out. Then, again the information about the partition and blocks, and again the black screen and the computer gets stuck.

    Sometimes, if I let the computer to keep loading for a while after the scenario of my first example, I got the information of the picture.

    I have looked a lot for a solution to this issue, but I have only come across vague answers, and a lot of "this could help"; I have tried a lot of things as well (for example updating the grub, fsck related stuff, editing commands) without any success.

    I hope some one can help me because I really do not want to reinstall lubuntu because of this. Especially since something similar happened when I tried xubuntu (that makes me think that it is something specific that I have to adjust).

    Thanks in advance.

    Computer specs:

    Acer Aspire ICL50
    Ram: 1GB
    CPU: Intel Celeron CPU 560 @ 2.128GHz
    GPU: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 965GM x86/MMX/SSE2
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    Re: Lubuntu suddenly stopped booting.

    Install Rescatux on a thumb drive and boot from it. Choose the Boot Fix Option (GRUB). Reboot after that.

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