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Thread: Any lubuntu cloud image available?

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    Any lubuntu cloud image available?

    I'm looking for a very low-weight ubuntu variant to run under OpenStack on a <1G RAM VM (500 MB or less if possible). Lubuntu looks like it is lower-weight than main Ubuntu, but I can't find a cloud image for it, e.g. as found in
    Any advice as to where to find one, or how to create one?

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    Re: Any lubuntu cloud image available?

    The cloud image is lighter.
    Cloud images are server images and server images equal Ubuntu without any desktop.
    That automatically makes it lighter than anything that would have a desktop.
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    Re: Any lubuntu cloud image available?

    You would probably be best served by starting with the minimal-CD version and adding to that only what you want and need, such as the lxde DE, xorg, and whatever GUI applications you use.
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