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Thread: conky - display my external address

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    Question conky - display my external address

    Hi all,

    I got dynamic external IP address and I would like to display it in conky ( I check it using $ curl in console so far).
    How do I perform it?

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    Re: conky - display my external address

    You need to use the variable ${addr enp4s0} in your .conkyrc or whatever file you use for configuration of the display; here's what I have in mine with the up and down speed-graph boxes which you may find useful as well
    NETWORK IP: $alignr enp4s0 -  ${addr enp4s0}
    DOWN: ${downspeed enp4s0}/s$alignr UP: ${upspeed enp4s0}/s
    ${color #FFA500}${downspeedgraph enp4s0 40,158}$alignr${upspeedgraph enp4s0 40,158}
    The screenshot is of the output this gives me.

    Sorry; just noticed this is about external IP.

    I think your command will do this and you need to run it and extract the output to the conky display with
    PUBLIC IP ${alignr}${execi 60 curl}
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    Re: conky - display my external address

    ajgreeny, does work, thx.

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