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Thread: Screen resolution problem in Lubuntu

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    Screen resolution problem in Lubuntu

    Hello, people,

    I'd like to talk about a difficult that I've been facing last days.

    I'm not a pro user of Lubuntu, so that brings me packages of ignorance in solving the problems.

    My notebook is a Dell Inspiron N4030 and I have got a screen resolution problem since I installed Lubuntu 17.04 in my PC days ago: the only resolution "option" that I have (in xrandr apt) is 1024x768 , in spite of my notebook having the maximum capacity of 1366x768 (AMD ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5430). So the screen is kind of 'horizontally stretched' and a little bit smaller that I'd like to have. I tried some methods, like these:

    but none worked for me.

    Can somebody help me? I've been feeling kind of frustrated for that :\\

    Thanks, anyway. Hugs!
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    Re: Screen resolution problem in Lubuntu

    Please share the /var/log/Xorg.0.log file
    Use code tags or pastebin because it's a large amount of text.

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