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Thread: Make Ubuntu Print On Low Toner

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    Question Make Ubuntu Print On Low Toner

    Ubuntu 16.04 reports that there is no toner in my printer (but there is some, I just printed with it outside of Ubuntu). How can I tell Ubuntu to ignore the low toner warning? Its a Samsung M2830DW.


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    Re: Make Ubuntu Print On Low Toner

    When I get such an error from my HP 1320, I simply open the printer box, pull out the toner cartridge, shake it a couple of times horizontally, and put it back. This loosens the leftover toner in the cartridge enough to cancel the error for a week or so.

    My Samsung color laser, however, uses a counter built into the cartridges to count the number of pages and shut everything down when the page count reaches a predefined limit, so this may not work for you. It would be worth a try, though.
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