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Thread: Windows 10 and Ubuntu WSL and BASH

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    Windows 10 and Ubuntu WSL and BASH



    I have had the wsl and bash working satisfactorily on this machine (HP laptop) inside W10. Run apt-get etc etc.

    Then I elected to upgrade to the latest W10 about a week ago (Creators Edition) and all seemed to go well.

    It was sluggish to boot and so I cleaned out some old files, like windows.old etc etc then did a defrag and optimisation. Obviously areas were overwritten and the files cant be recovered.

    Now when I try bash it gives an error code 0x80070002 which suggests missing / corrupt links or files.

    I have gone thru attempts at repair / re-install of wsl and troubleshooting, and I know I have about 780 meg of lxss files hidden away, one of which is the ubuntu.ico file.

    I don't want to do a fresh install of windows and I am wary of letting windows do a full blown reinstall via Fresh Start as it will kill off to many installed apps and possibly lots of my data.

    So please offer me some hope / help on what could be my problem.
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    Re: Windows 10 and Ubuntu WSL and BASH


    Fresh install and start from scratch.

    Trying to rebuild from backups.


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