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Thread: Wifi not working on Peppermint os 6

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    Wifi not working on Peppermint os 6

    I recently installed Peppermint 6 on a Compaq CQ58 cause the laptop really is crap and I've had a hard time finding an os that works.

    My problem then.
    I can't get the wifi to work.

    Checking network shows that the system recognizes the card by name and model Ralink rl3290 but the network is UNCLAIMED, probably due to lack of drivers.

    I have been googling this for two days now and it's making me mad, I hade the same problem when I tried Lubuntu and therefore installed peppermint instead.
    With the live version of Peppermint 7 I had working wifi but instead I had issues with installing the os, grub making problem for me and refusing to be installed, that made me try 6 cause googling the problem didn't really help.

    I am now sick of installing new OS:s to this crap pc, I need to by a better one but I just don't have the money for it now.

    I have tried different ways of installing the drivers but none have worked, those guides was based on other OS:s so now I'm starting my own tread.

    Please help me!
    My cable is only 1.5 meters long and the router is in the other side of my house from the bedroom, I really want wifi to work!

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    Re: Wifi not working on Peppermint os 6

    Moved to Ubuntu/Debian BASED.
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