Just wanted to drop a note here about the active LUGs in Georgia.

There are many in different parts of Atlanta, Macon, Columbus and the eastern parts of Georgia with Linux groups.

In the Atlanta area (N, NE, SW, NW, and Central), http://ALE.org is the main contact point - join the email lists there. We have multiple meetings weekly, bi-weekly LPI training and monthly central meetings with time to get to know others Linux users, make business contacts AND socialize after the presentations. All free.

Our meetup calendar: https://www.meetup.com/ALE-Atlanta-L...siasts/events/ has regional F/LOSS events in addition to all our normal meetings. Be certain to look a few mouths out, since some will require early sign-up for attendance.

If you have a LUG in Georgia and would like some help, let me know. At a minimum, we can share the calendar to help get the word out. There are probably members in ALE who are nearby. We have active members in Alabama, South Carolina, and California.