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Thread: Can't move settings windows around or drag/drop

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    Can't move settings windows around or drag/drop

    Hey guys, I can not believe I can't find this problem that I am having anywhere on the internet considering it is happening in Ubuntu AND Fedora.

    I can not move some windows around. They are stuck and not able to move.

    I can move around Chrome just fine. Click and drag it around the screen and resize no problem.

    However, I can not move around the file manager window. Nor can I drag/drop any files at all.

    Also, I can not move the software store window around. I can resize it, I just can't click and drag/move it Same with the display window and any other "options" window I open.

    What is going on?

    Not being able to drag/drop files is really my biggest problem here.

    I am using Fedora 25 but the same thing happened in the latest install of Ubuntu. Both were GNOME guis.

    any help would be appreciated.

    For bonus points, I can not get my second widescreen monitor to get full res without looking all fuzzy and distorted. This also happened in both Ubuntu and Fedora.

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    Re: Can't move settings windows around or drag/drop

    Moved to Other OS, Fedora/Red Hat


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