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Thread: DOSBox SVN (Daum Build). Can't start. ...but Lubuntu worked?

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    Question DOSBox SVN (Daum Build). Can't start. ...but Lubuntu worked?

    Okay. I'm officially out of ideas. What the heck I'm doing wrong?

    I've been playing for a few days with my old laptop running Lubuntu 16.04/16.10 (I forgot if I upgraded it or not). Installed DOSBox via the software library and it works fine. But I've used the Daum build (from ) on my windows machine before and wanted to try that. So I downloaded a build, unpacked it and tried to start it and it wouldn't launch. Never really figured out why, but after I made a .desktop file for it, it launched just fine and everything worked (albeit REALLY slow, because of the old laptop.)

    However, now that I managed to bring my main linux machine online (it was borked for the longest time), running Xubuntu 16.10, I can't make that DOSBox run at all. No way. I can run the dosbox from software library just fine, but I can't manage to start the SVN build. Not with .desktop files, not running from a terminal, not straight just double-clicking on it. Nothing works.

    All I get is a "bash: ./dosbox: No such file or directory" (from terminal) or Failed to execute file "dosbox". Failed to execute child process "/home/antti/DOSBox/dosbox" (No such file or directory) (when double-clicking from file manager).

    Well it obviously DOES exist since I can click it.. why can't I make it run? (and yes, I did chmod +x it first after extracting from the archive).

    EDIT: I might've figured it out. Turns out my Xubuntu installation media was x86_64, which apparently in linux-terms means roughly "nothing whatsoever will work". I would've though that we'd figure out a way since it's 2017 and all, but... but what can you expect when setting up network filesharing between two linux computers is some 25 years behind the competition...
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    Re: DOSBox SVN (Daum Build). Can't start. ...but Lubuntu worked?

    I'm running 64-bit Xubuntu 16.04 and Dosbox from the repositories works fine on my system.

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    Re: DOSBox SVN (Daum Build). Can't start. ...but Lubuntu worked?

    It's not easy task to get DOSBox SVN Daum to work under -buntus.

    It's been asked earlier, but the thread is now closed:

    I'm not sure if my guide will help you, but I'll post it here anyway, if somebody else will find it useful:

    (It took me about four hours to get it working, and I needed to check some commands from other sources.)


    To get DOSBox SVN Daum to run under Ubuntu (should work with other -buntus as well), you will have to do the following steps:

    1. Uninstall existing version of DOSBox, if you have any.

    2. Open Terminal and go to your ./home -directory and then type the command:

    mkdir -p ~/bin

    3. Extract DOSBox SVN Daum to the directory you have created.

    4. Go to ./bin -directory and then type the command:

    chmod u+x dosbox

    4. Make sure you have the following lines added to ./home/user/.profile -file:

    if [ -d "$HOME/bin" ] ; then

    5. Reboot the computer. You can also try typing the following command:

    exec -l bash

    6. It should work now.

    (In this guide, default path has been used, but it is always possible to configure it as one wishes. Another note: this works for single user.)


    Bonus: Getting DBGL to notice SVN Daum -build:

    1. Open DBGL.
    2. Go to "DOSBox version"-tab.
    3. Click "Add version".
    4. Type the following:

    Title: DOSBox SVN Daum 20150125
    Path: /home/user/bin
    Config File: /home/user/bin/dosbox.conf
    Mark just "Default" with "x".

    5. Press "OK".

    6. Go back to "Profiles"-tab.
    7. Pick a game and click "Edit profile".
    8. Choose "General"-tab.
    9. Go to "Association" and "DOSBox Version".
    10. Pick "DOSBox SVN Daum 20150125" and click "Set" next to the title.
    11. Hit "OK".
    12. Repeat steps 7 - 11 for each game you have.
    13. Done!
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    Re: DOSBox SVN (Daum Build). Can't start. ...but Lubuntu worked?

    Thread moved to Emulators.
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    Re: DOSBox SVN (Daum Build). Can't start. ...but Lubuntu worked?

    Sorry to come back to an older thread, but I've not had time to play with this the whole year basically. Now that I have again, well...

    Quote Originally Posted by tiar85 View Post
    It's not easy task to get DOSBox SVN Daum to work under -buntus.
    Amen on that!

    Quote Originally Posted by tiar85 View Post
    6. It should work now.
    Well, unfortunately it doesn't. I did everything you said but all I get is:

    antti@laptopxubuntu:~$ dosbox
    bash: /home/antti/bin/dosbox: No such file or directory
    antti@laptopxubuntu:~$ cd bin
    antti@laptopxubuntu:~/bin$ dir
    CAPTURE  dosbox       FONTS           glide2x.ovl    SAVE
    DOCS     dosbox.conf  glide2x_emu.ovl  win9x-drv
    antti@laptopxubuntu:~/bin$ ./dosbox
    bash: ./dosbox: No such file or directory
    So as the DOSBox has been made for 32bit builds, is there anything I can do to run it on a x86_64 build? I really don't want to install a whole separate OS for just one program, but the 0.74 DOSBox from the Software Library just isn't enough. You'd THINK that you'd be able to run a 32bit program on 64bit OS, since practically any other OS is capable of that..

    so, is there anything I can do, besides installing a separate 32bit version of 'buntu?

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    Re: DOSBox SVN (Daum Build). Can't start. ...but Lubuntu worked?

    OK. I got it to run, sort of.

    I bumped my accident into a thread discussing running another 32bit program on 64bit host.

    From there I noticed that
    ldd ./dosbox
    produced only "this is not a dynamic executable" (or something along those lines).

    so I proceeded with
    sudo apt-get install gcc-multilib
    after which ldd produced results and I continued, line by line apt-get installing every missing library with :i386
    libasound2, libtbb2, libdbus-1.3, libX11.6, libGL.1. (anyone doing this, note that libGL installs a metric ass-ton of dependencies, so make sure you have room on the HDD...)

    After installing those, dosbox now runs and works beautifully... except it outputs no sound. in-emulator everything works, but I can't hear anything.

    I suppose the 32bit libasound2 doesn't have an output anywhere?

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    Re: DOSBox SVN (Daum Build). Can't start. ...but Lubuntu worked?

    Hi ! I'm trying to get it to work too I tried building it but get the same issue as the guy/gal here :
    Building duganchen's fork is easier but I need multipass shaders support
    Another possibility is to use DosBox through RetroArch, but it raises other issues...
    Or maybe dosbox via wine ?!

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