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Thread: Liking Ubuntu 16.04 better than windows 10

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    Liking Ubuntu 16.04 better than windows 10

    I've worked with Ubuntu for a number of years and recently had to dual boot Windows 10 Home to get Path of Exile working properly on my laptop, a Dell 3340 laptop with a fourth gen core i5, ssd and 8 gigs of ram. This gave me a direct comparison between the two operating systems and Ubuntu is doing a good job.

    -Ubuntu starts up faster
    -Ubuntu feels faster
    -Chrome starts faster in Ubuntu
    -Chrome tabs open and render much faster in Ubuntu
    -Much more battery life in Ubuntu, something like 13 hours instead of 8 hours (this is with windows antivirus and cortana disabled)
    -Ubuntu "plays nice" with the master boot record, making for easier dual boot
    -Ubuntu automatically retrieves proper time on setup, with windows I have to manually switch retrieve time every restart
    -Easy for me to uninstall services that consume unnecessary cpu in Ubuntu, like avahi daemon and cups server, whereas in Windows I had to registry hack disable them(and cortana process still shows up)
    -Full work environment setup in Ubuntu (which includes windows programs working through Wine)
    -Games like Hearthstone, Warcraft 3 and Aardwolf mud work emulated in Ubuntu
    -better "space management" in Ubuntu, my precious ssd space isn't taken up by 1GB driver backups from NVidia GeForce Eperience (my egpu will be NVidia hence I had to readup). I can't blame Windows for that but they have epic "temp app whatever" directories and their OS is massive GBs
    -Ubuntu installed without issue, Windows 10 on first startup wouldn't let me login with the password I set so I had to hack in by setting the utilities button to open an admin command prompt. Windows also overwrote the master boot record.
    -Windows 10 by default tries to "torrent" my updates to other people and use my upload bandwidth which I had to disable
    -Windows 10 has full DirectX 12 support and Path of Exile runs well without crashing at 800x600, on Ubuntu it crashes
    -Chromecast "cast tab" didn't work on Ubuntu and did work on Windows 10
    -Skype web works well on Windows 10, on Ubuntu I don't quite think it does

    So yeah very good experience Ubuntu is my main desktop thanks!

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    Re: Liking Ubuntu 16.04 better than windows 10

    Thread moved to Recurring Discussions.

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    Re: Liking Ubuntu 16.04 better than windows 10

    What laptop do you use?

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    Re: Liking Ubuntu 16.04 better than windows 10

    OP has not been back since the day after they posted, so thread closed to prevent further necromancy.
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