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Thread: Setting up Jack and IDJC

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    Setting up Jack and IDJC

    I'm having some pretty big problems setting up Jack and IDJC on Xubuntu. It used to be something of a breeze to set up, following this tutorial but now I don't seem to be able to get it to work at all. It's very frustrating finding that something that used to be easy to set up is now pretty damned near impossible. The IDJC website is about as useful as a choclolate teapot, seemingly concentrating on geeky command line stuff, and assuming that people have installed from source rather than from a repository. Added to this is that it's seemingly impossible to post to the help forum as registration is required, but no activation e-mails are sent out to allow registration and posting to the help forum!

    If anyone has any knowledge/ideas on how to set up Jack and IDJC I'd be happy to know. Many thanks in advance

    In the interim I've been using Mixxx, which really is a breeze to set up, but seems to be quirky and a bit of an overkill for my requirements.
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    Re: Setting up Jack and IDJC

    Agreed! With pulseaudio the learning curve for IDJC jumped up a notch. It would be good if they updated their site to say that the pulseaudio sinks have to be connected ... at least for starters (in a rather strange way at that).

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