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Thread: After 'removing' Ubuntu from MacBook it cannot boot to OSX but loads Grub 2

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    Question After 'removing' Ubuntu from MacBook it cannot boot to OSX but loads Grub 2

    So, I installed a dual-boot solution for Mac to use Ubuntu for C programming. I used rEFInd to dual boot between OSX and Ubuntu. Now I'm done with my C programming course, I wanted to delete this partition and restore to SingleBoot OSX. I tried removing the Ubuntu partition from Disk Utilities and everything seemed fine, however the partition was still there (disk utility only emptied it to my knowledge) therefore I wanted to check out the Recovery Boot by using Command+R to get into Disk Recovery Utilities, but since then I am unable to boot into OSX Yosemite.
    Trying to remove the Ubuntu partition in Disk Utilities probably triggered this.
    These are my options (as far as I know):

    When normal boot: It shows me 'Grub 2' with a black/white prompt, I am unfamiliar with this and I found some things on the internet that I tried to boot from Grub into OSX but I can't seem to make it work. - When asking for my partitions(ROOT (hd1+TAB, it gives me these:

    Partition hd1,gpt1: Filesystem type fat - Label 'EFI', UUID 67E3-17ED -
    Partition start at 20KiB - Total size 204800KiB
    Partition hd1,gpt2: No known filesystem detected -
    Partition start at 204820KiB - Total size 234298724KiB
    Partition hd1,gpt3: Filesystem type hfsplus - Label 'Recovery HD' -
    Last modification time 2016-11-24 09:24:50 Thursday, UUID 9b4a0f2de0c6bcdb -
    Partition start at 234503544KiB- Total size 634768KiB
    Partition hd1,gpt4: Filesystem type hfsplus - Label 'Naamloos' -
    Last modification time 2016-11-24 09:24:50 Thursday, UUID 75f3078817440770 -
    Partition start at 235138312KiB - Total size 9847656.5KiB
    error: failure reading sector 0x0 from 'hd0'.

    When recovery boot (CMD+R)
    I get into OS X Recovery with Internet acces, where I can try to connect to a WiFi network, but it doesn't seem to be working.
    When I connect to my own WiFi, it just keeps spinning in loading screen as if it fails to connect (it doesn't crash cause I can still abort the operation).

    When choosing startup disk boot (OPTION/ALT)
    This gives me a list of bootable disks, but only 'Recovery HD' is in the list. It also gives me the option to connect to WiFi. When choosing Recovery Disk, all seems pretty normal:
    - Looks like OSX is loading
    - Loads up OSX startup screen, asking for password (even has my correct user picture) - When given correct password: slowly loads white bar till about half and then suddenly shows a black screen with a white 'Prohibited' sign ( ⃠)

    If anyone knows any solutions or credible tutorials/articles/videos on how to solve my problem (if only it brings me into some sort of recovery mode that I can use), please let me know!

    If you need any more information (or pictures), let me know!

    Thanks alot in advance, I am in mild panic at the moment.

    EDIT: I tried Recovery with Internet again on a different WiFi and it took a minute, then it went to blackscreen en now it says; " -2003F"
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