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    Just discovered a great Linux application for Pandora. Really loving it - it's one less reason to use Windows 10, and one more reason to use Linux!!

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    Re: pithos

    There is a related Windows version also. I use Pithos on Linux and Elpis for windows.
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    Re: pithos

    Pithos is one of those applications that whenever I install any Linux distribution I quickly install this. Sometimes it is more involved and sometimes it is easy, depending on the distribution.

    Windows 10's Pandora app is OK, it doesn't seem to eat up resources as bad as listening through the browser but at work that is my only choice.

    I'll have to look into Elpis for my wife. She's been using my Pandora account through the browser and just today she emailed me about Flash demanding to upgrade.

    If Elpis is like Pithos in not using Flash, and is just as easy as Pithos is to use then this may become the best solution for her (she's running Windows 7).
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