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Thread: cam works with cheese but not skype

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    cam works with cheese but not skype

    Hi friends!

    I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 lately, had windows before.

    I know the very basic stuff, some easy commands, and have searched for information over google, but I have an issue which I don't know how to fix.

    My "Trust" webcam is working with cheese, but it is not working at all with skype.

    I have tried to find some information on google and here on Ubuntu Forum, but all the information i found was about older versions of Ubuntu, mostly about 12.04, and non of it helped me solve the problem.

    So here I am, please give me any kind of recommendations you can. And if any else information is needed please let me know.

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    Re: cam works with cheese but not skype

    hi Raul

    over the last few years i have "played" with Skype on Ubuntu with various degrees of success
    as regards the camera and cheese and skype what i found was that if your camera is a usb-attached unit to pull it out and back in
    then test it in cheese THEN open skype seems to trigger it
    this is the only trick that worked here ::: do not know why it should trigger it that way that i no longer question it :]
    maybe try that ...
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    Re: cam works with cheese but not skype

    What is your webcam's model? What do you mean by "doesn't work with skype"? Is it detected at all? There are some webcams which are known to be problematic with skype but there are workarounds for some of them.

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