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Thread: Linux courses

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    Linux courses

    Hello everyone I was wondering if there are any online classes or courses I can take to learn linux?

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    Re: Linux courses

    Yes. Lots.

    Linux foundation - free or $99 if you want a cert.
    EdX - free or $99 if you want a cert.
    Redhat - $1000+, but really good.
    Most community colleges - $130-$180-ish/semester, usually online.
    Amazon Prime videos - free to members. Very beginner level, but not bad.

    Lots and lots of youtube videos. Just be careful to avoid noob-teachers. Linux Foundation puts their videos here, but they aren't organized like going through their website with specific links to specific videos in the right order.

    My best advice for learning Linux: - has links to some of those things above and a few others. And when you are really new, be very careful using disjointed google searches for help. Often, those articles are way out of date and can do real harm. In the beginning, it is best to work through an organized learning experience - like a course or a good book, chapter-by-chapter, to get the basics down. Then you'll recognize the good and bad advice returned by google.
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    Re: Linux courses

    Man i cant thank you enough. I really appreciate the feedback on this i am going to check them all out. I really do appreciate that. Feel good to read what you wrote. i have been looking at youtube videos upon videos and articles and guides and i have no idea what anything means.


    P.s Sorry for the late reply not able to talk at work very often lol
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