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Thread: Jdownloader2 missing ffmpeg

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    Jdownloader2 missing ffmpeg

    hello i have a problem with jdownloader. when i try to download from youtube it says skipped - ffmpeg missing, when i try to install it uodate window pops up and says everything is up to date. I have ubuntu 16.04 x64

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    Re: Jdownloader2 missing ffmpeg

    I had the same issue here, same system. It seems Jdownloader2 can't use the downloaded version. So here the solution:

    1. install the "real ffmpeg"-package via: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
    2. Open jdownloader2 go to: Advanced-Settings
    3. Search for the lines for ffmpeg-binary path and ffprobe-path and set accordingly.

    In my system the path is: /usr/bin/ffmpeg

    4. restart Jdownloader2 and et voila: you got it

    PS: you can find the binary-path of the tools in the commandline via:
    which ffmpeg
    which ffprobe

    I hope it helps!
    Have fun!


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