hi, I'm thinking of turning completely to Linux only (dual-boot with old laptop) and I was wondering if anyone is using Dell Latitude E7470 and would recommend a good distro for this laptop? The specs are the following: Dell Latitude E7470 | Intel i5-6300U 3000MHz | 8GB DDR4 | 128GB SSD | Intel HD Graphics 520|1920 x 1080 Full HD screen

I use it for multimedia, school work and working, which mostly includes writing and creating graphs, reading lots of PDFs, occasionally using 2 screens and heavy browsing. Maybe there's something that would be best suitable for me. I've tried Ubuntu 16.04, but it seems to take more battery life than some others. I've tried elementary OS (really like it, but read it's rather buggy), Fedora and Ubuntu MATE with live-usb, but would like to hear other suggestions.
As I understand from here: http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/.../201507-18781/ it should be totally compatible with Ubuntu 14.04 as it's pre-installed on some of the models.
My main concern is to get most out of battery life (should be around 7-8h) and stability of OS since I'm beginner in Linux world. I'm also wondering if virtualization will work on this laptop, since I might need Windows for MS Office, because I'll be writing my thesis and most of our professors are using MS Office. I do like LibreOffice, but I'm afraid that it'll mess up the graphs and formatting when opened in Office. Since my SSD is quite low on storage I don't think dual-boot is a good option anymore since I only need MS Office from Windows (Spotify, VLC, GIMP, qbittorrent etc work perfectly on linux).

Thanks in advance!